Financial Wellness Program

Helping You with Your Retirement Investments

Changes in the healthcare system, government programs and employer plans are impacting us all. As a result, your employees or members, regardless of age or career stage, may be asking you more questions than you can answer.

One way you can help your employees with financial education resources is by offering RetireU*. The RetireU* workshop series offers you a comprehensive financial education program that can complement and incorporate your existing benefit offerings while providing your employees with the information they need to achieve their financial goals. And it’s at no cost to you or your employees.

You can expect:

  • Objective information on a wide range of topics to meet employee's diverse needs
  • Expert delivery by a local, specially trained financial professional
  • Comprehensive training materials for every attendee to keep and use for future reference

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Topical Education Workshops

From a quick overview on investing, to overcoming the roadblocks to retirement, our program covers all the important financial information in our easy-to-follow modules. Whether you’re looking for a quick 45-minute presentation, or the full series workshop, we make sure your employees get the best financial education every time!

How Do I Get Started?
Creating The Balance
Love and Money for Couples
Smart Decisions For Your Money
As You Begin Your Career
Credit & Spending
What Should I Be Doing?
Life Insurance
The Whys and Hows
Estate Planning
It is for Everyone!
Investing Today
Education Financing
For Your Young Children
Education Financing
For Your Teenagers
Income Tax
How Do I Prepare
To Care for My Mom and Dad?
Getting Ready
For Retirement
Retirement Healthcare
Income Planning
Social Security
An Understanding and Strategies
To Retirement
Women & Investing
Planning Your Financial Journey
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