Financial Workshops in the Workplace

To maximize the value of your benefit offerings while meeting the diverse needs of your employees, it can be extremely valuable to continually provide a range of financial education opportunities. Through our RetireU education program, we help facilitate topical on-site workshops relevant to achieving financial goals. The Next Level team will take the time to understand your company’s culture and select a series of workshops that will enhance your company’s benefit packages.

Our one-hour topical workshops, presented on-site by a local financial professional, will provide employees with objective information designed to better their decision-making process as well as transition them into retirement. Employees who desire more guidance can meet individually with one of our professionals to discuss their specific circumstances and individual goals.

Help Your Employees Understand their Benefits

Today’s business owners and executives are bombarded with decisions regarding employee benefits. Consequently they spend a lot of time and money to provide themselves and their employees with a quality benefits package. However, many corporate benefits have become simply expected and therefore are often under-appreciated by employees.

World-class benefits can help retain and attract executive, employee, and skilled talent to a company but are an ineffective expense if they are not understood or utilized to their highest potential. In this chaotic environment, an employee handbook will not suffice – you need someone with experience and knowledge to educate you and your employees as to the options within your existing plan and/or to help you establish a first-class employee benefit plan.

We will work with you to develop and implement a financial education and planning program that includes:

  • Professional educational programming
  • Program objectives aligned with your Company’s desired outcomes
  • Multiple alternatives for employee access to financial education such as:Workshops, telephone access, print, etc.
  • Customization designed to help highlight your company employee benefit offerings
  • Employee access to individual consultations
  • Quality financial guidance through a wide range of planning services designed to meet the diverse needs of individual employees
  • Client service standards designed to meet or exceed the expectation of both your company and your employees

Financial Wellness Programs

We have developed a unique workshop system covering key retirement planning topics. Workshop participants enjoy an educational presentation with professionally produced informational materials. The workshop gives participants an increased awareness of their financial needs from an experienced speaker who has special training and experience in the field of retirement planning.

Our workshops offer:

  • An educational approach to helping individuals recognize financial needs and responsibilities
  • Objective, generic presentations leading to financial awareness
  • Worksheet exercises designed to help assess the need for action
  • Participant interaction promoting involvement
  • Explanation of benefit options

Retirement planning workshops offered directly in your office